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Sam Kabo Ashwell

Release 3

"Invisible Parties" by Sam Kabo Ashwell

When play begins: say "An old resolution: [i]no dealings with the Three Rebeccas.[/i] But clade-mates must be civil, and civility made you careless. More importantly, Jave was going to be there: Jave, who you haven't managed to see in close on a year, as though the ways were twisting against you. And they don't have any [i]good[/i] reasons to want to fuck you over, so you should really give them the benefit of the doubt, right?[p]But as you cross the threshold of the tangle, every sense screams [i]trap[/i]. Of fucking course."

[The source, originally laid out under deadline conditions, is kind of a mess; I have commented it up somewhat, but not to a standard I'm happy with. Read at your own peril.

This source code is provided for personal, educational and critical use only. It is not released under an open-source licence. You can read it to understand the game better or to learn its code techniques (though I don't recommend the latter), but copyright is retained; you still need permission to create derivative works, unless usual fair-use conditions apply.]


USE waymouths

what is up with reba-act-2